Corporate Activities - Descriptions

A selection of our most popular activities are described below with a relative price indication (£ being the least expensive & £££ being the most expensive)

Air Pistols £

Great fun, but not as easy as John Wayne makes it look.

Archery £

A traditional activity, very visual and competitive.

Blindfold 4x4 Driving £££

This activity can only be described as challenging and exciting. The views are breathtaking but you won't be able to see them as you'll be blindfolded and relying on your team mates to guide you!! A great test of communication skills & trust building.

Clay Pigeon Shooting ££

Enthusiastic instructors, sensible targets and low recoil cartridges are the ingredients for a really enjoyable activity.

Crossbows £

The attraction of this discipline is similar to archery, historic, competitive & visual, but does not require the same degree of strength.

Falconry £

Participating Demonstrations make sure that guests are involved to the maximum. Unforgettable if it is the first time you have had a falcon or hawk land on your gloved hand.

Gnat Shooting £££

Shooting down Model Aeroplanes: The ultimate shooting fun. Shoot at aerobatic model aircraft, either make the pods explode or, with a bit of luck, actually shoot the plane out of the sky.

Laser Shooting £

Shoot with a pistol, shotgun or rifle. Experience target shooting or shoot prey such as pheasants, rodents, big game, ghosts & ghouls! the choice is endless. The game can be set according to ability so even the sharpest of shooters will be challenged.

Quad Bikes & Pilot Buggies £££

Go trekking to the top of Bredon Hill and look out across the valley towards the Malvern Hills from 1000 feet up or test your skills and concentration powers on our woodland obstacle course.

Reverse Steer Mokes £££

Sounds simple, just turn the steering wheel the opposite way than you are used to. It will take all your powers of concentration and co-ordination, especially against the clock.

.22 Rifle Shooting £

Shoot real rifles (not air rifles) fitted with telescopic sights for a challenging, precision discipline.

River Rafting / Kayaking £

Build your own raft or simply collect the necessary equipment by completing a series of challenges to make you river worthy and navigate to the finish post.

Team Building Challenges £

Various team building challenges, which will test initiative & imagination, managerial, communication and organisational skills to the full. There are plenty to choose from, we've listed a few examples below:

  • Rocket Science: Launch the rocket as far as you can, longest distance wins.
  • Blindfold Sheep: Herd the sheep into the pen before the wolf gets them, whilst blindfolded.
  • Minefield: Cross the minefield without stepping on a mine. How many team members will make it in time?
  • Giant Ski Slalom: The team all stands on a pair of giant skis and negotiates a slalom course.

Our Spectacular Off-Road Course is also available for Instruction & Vehicle Demonstration Events (approved by Isuzu, Mercedes, Mitsubishi & Subaru)